Sunday, June 14, 2015

Trafalgar Trip Here I Come!

UK Day 2

Trafalgar Tour, Day 1

Going on day 2 of our UK trip and I have to say that I am getting tired of this weird nasal drip I acquired on the airplane ride over. Losing my voice and constant snot in my stomach is not fun.
This is the first group tour trip I’ve gone on, and I think that it is a good way to get your world travel started in a safe environment. It’s kind of like a cruise, but way more land, and less food included.


Ann Hathaway- Shakespeare’s Wife House and Shakespeare's town

Didn’t actually go in, but did look around the outside. Not a bad looking place. Restored to look era appropriate, not the actual house since that place was apparently derelict, and possibly burned down. They did do a group photo here that I thought was a little weird since our group didn't actual go into the house, but I opted out of this anyway.

 This part of UK had several options in relation to Shakespeare. You could by admission to see his birthplace, which also included Hall's house (his daughter's house) and Harvard house (the home of one of the original founders of Harvard University in the US), or you could buy the 5 house pass. We bought the first one, only looked at Shakespeare's birthplace, than huffed it down to wear he was buried. This place is operated by the local church and cost 2 pounds for admission.


I love York! I want to go back soooo bad.  Defiantly a fun place to spend time, but probably need at least 3 days to do so. Fun fact, all the butchers used to have businesses all in the same place, which caused a horrible street display of gross disgusting guts when the hocked the unusable parts into the streets, this street name was shambles. So, when someone says a place is in shambles, you now know where the meaning comes from!


Didn’t really spend too much time out and about in Leeds, it was more of a stopping point of the night. The hotel did have sample soap, conditioner, and hand soup. It also had heated towel racks, and a 2 faucet sink, one for hot and one for cold. The food they served for dinner was amazing, and the view was wonderful.

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