Saturday, June 13, 2015

I Have Arrived (in London!)

Let me just start out by saying that a 24 hour day is not something that you should look forward too! Especially if most of that day is flying.

I flew out to Iceland on Iceland Air, and let me just say that I really enjoyed this airline, even if my in flight entertainment didn’t work. They were waiting at the door with a bottle of water, and each seat had a pillow and a blanket. The only complaint I have is that they kept saying that two trolleys would be coming by, one with paid items and one with complementary items. Both times and on both flights, only one came by, which was very confusing.

After arriving in Iceland, I had about an hour to entertain myself. And let me just day, the airport portion that I occupied made me feel like I was in a very expensive Ikea. Nice quality items, with clean uncomplicated lines. It will be interesting to see how I feel  about this airport after spending 9 weeks in Amsterdam. After a three hour flight to London, I finally made it to my hotel, yeay!

One thing to note, at least about the hotel I stayed in (IBIS), is that you don’t get complementary shampoo, conditioner, and lotion bottles. Instead you get two auto dispensers. One is hand soap next to sink, and the other is soap in the shower. There are no wash clothes provided, so you’ll either use your hands or bring a washcloth, shower scrubber, etc...

After sleeping 12 hours, dad and I did a Stonehenge tour. We hit Winchester Castle, Oxford, and finally Stonehenge at sunset. This was scheduled with Evans Evans Tours (which was an amazing tour company).

Windsor Castle

Was a lovely place, sadly we were unable to see the church, and weren’t allowed to take pictures in the state rooms, but it was filled with large paintings of past important people, and loads of swords, guns, and armor.


This was a really interesting old timey town/school.

Notice anything Hogwarty about this?

Sun dial that is apparently close to useless the majority of the time, but still lovely

One of the libraries


This was amazing to see. We were able to get photos of this location without any persons in the scene. The stones are huge, monolithic, and amazing to try and figure out how they were moved and stacked.

Overall a good way to end the first full day in England :)

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