Friday, June 26, 2015

I Love Scotland!

Trafalgar Tour days 2 and 3
Grasmere (England)

We took a wonderful ferry ride in the Lake District. Windermere lake was beautiful and it was a relatively clear day. We saw old homes, caught a swimming race, and in some ways the view was very similar to Washington states ferry rides.

Glasgow (Scotland)

This city is a very working city. It is in some ways like Seattle, in that you have the local population working their every day jobs while tourists run around the city. It was definitely not like Seattle, in that many of the old buildings were centuries old. They were wonderful buildings, filled with many different themes. We ate dinner at Thai-lishises. It was an amazing meal.

Edinburgh (Scotland)
I love this city! I could not gush enough about this place. In some ways it is the old city that everyone wants to visit. We had a local tour guide showing us around. I learned so much about half hung Mary and other local old issues, like taxing people when they entered and when they left, which caused some people who were born there, to die there (in the old days). We visited a castle, ate haggis, bangers and mash, and just missed out on doing an underground city tour.

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