Tuesday, June 30, 2015

London is Awesome!

Trafalgar Tour Day 8 (last day)


This old city still has its original Roman Baths. It was awesome going through the old part of this city and seeing how the Romans used the baths, and how the city was laid out. This is another place I would love to come back to and enjoy the view.


We had seen this castle before the Trafalgar tour started, so I ended up exploring the local farmers market. Also, since horse races were happening, the Queen was in residence!


I love London! It is super hectic, especially when you are trying to learn the tubes. My gosh! So many bodies, and very little ventilation. Defiantly suggest you give yourself 30 to 45 minutes more time to get somewhere if you’ve never used the tubes before. Especially when the close tubes for maintenance. Also recommend getting an Oyster card for public transportation, it’s so much cheaper and you can get your unused money back (score!).

I also went on a separate Jack the Ripper Tour. The tour guide from London Walks was amazing! I will say that in total I counted 11 other Jack the Ripper Tours going on at the same time, and only one other was associated with London Walks. This was also only one of the meeting times, there was at least 2 other times during the day that this walk was happening. That is a lot of tours! So sad I couldn’t do a Sherlock Homes Tour. Next time!

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