Monday, June 8, 2015

Procrastination, Your Name is My Game!

Oh let me count the ways in which I am procrastinating studying for my final I need to take in T-minus 4 hours.

First, you'd think it wast procrastination, but I managed to get very little studying done over the weekend since we (my family and I, but mostly me) are packing up the house we've lived in for 8+ years, and are moving into the very first home my father has ever owned.

Normally this wouldn't be too big of a deal, but over the years, and several combined families living in the home, we've amassed a large amount of junk that I have been mostly able to go through and get ride of. I know most people sort the wants and the gotta goes from their stuff when the move, but our house went from family of 5, to family of 8, down to 3, then add in a 6 month help out with a friend that turned into 3 years (plus them leaving most their items with us at the house when they finally left), and down to 2, dad and I. There is a bunch of things to go through!

Over the last week or so, we've gotten about 1/2 of the stuff out of the house on our own. Then last weekend we rented a truck (by the way, a 10' UHaul truck does not have a ramp!), and made donation runs, dump runs (1/2 tons worth!), and finally a storage run. Now, all that is left at the house is easy to pack up and store until dad comes back from our trip.

We were on a bit of a timeline to get out of the current place we are living, mostly we were trying to move before our UK trip, and he would move into the new place when he comes back in 2 weeks. But with school, finals, studying, and me doing the majority of the packing, this was looking more and more like it wasn't going to happen. Fortunately, the owner of the home we currently live in let us rent until the end of the month, instead of the 10th, so all we need to do is having everything packed up, and when dad comes back he came move the rest of the stuff from the old house and unit into the new house. Yeay, so much stress is gone now!

Now, back to procrastination, after the arduous days of packing and moving, trying to study at the end of each day has been a battle! Then, I finally get to school and what do I do? Study, get on Facebook, study, get on Facebook, study, write this blog entry. I am going to study some more after this, but apparently I have the attention span of a gnat right now. Not cool brain, not cool!

And now for something completely different:

Some packing tips for moving!

  1. Start early!
  2. Group like objects with like objects!
  3. Don't pack what you don't want!
  4. Donate whenever possible!
  5. Plant stores and craft stores have the best boxes, just make sure they know you aren't trying to steel anything when you go through their recycle bins
  6. After packing holiday stuff, and you find more, wait until you've gone through everything before you pack the rest of it away, you don't know what other holiday items you'll run into!
  7. Leave the important everyday stuff till last
  8. No one everyone will understand your pile/box system
  9. LABEL boxes!
  10. Garbage bags are your friend with clothes, blankets, and towels. Just don't pack them full or you'll rip the bags when you lift them. Those closet boxes are expensive! Although I do recommend at least one large one for special items like dresses or suits.
  11. Lift with your knees!
  12. Heating pads! This is for you and your precious back!
  13. Aleve is your friend!

Now, hopefully back to studying...

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