Tuesday, November 30, 2010

New Years Resolutions Starting in December

My New Years resolution is to write every day in the blog. Even if it's only one line. I'll also attempt to review at least one book per week. The only thing unusual about this resolution is I plan on enacting in starting tomorrow December 1st. Why put off a month what you're going to start anyway?

Things have been busy with my lately. I finally have the location for my wedding all figured out and the clothing designed for most of the participants. I have several prospects for my wedding photographers and I found my dress in November. Now I'm just waiting to get the contract back from the location and start working with the caterers. I'm hoping to keep them at the same price, but I think that might be delusional thought right now.

I also got in my first accident, yeay. It was so fun I hope I never get into one again.