Saturday, June 27, 2015

Ireland! (both the Northern side and the Republic)

Trafalgar Tours Day 4 and 5

We took a 3 ½ hour ride on the ferry from Scotland to Ireland. The ferry was awesome, the food was better than the fast food you would get on the farriers in Washington.  I will not lie, there was a lot of driving this day


Another working city, we briefly stopped here before moving on to the Republic of Ireland. I will say, it had a very interesting memorial to President Bill Clinton.


I personally did not enjoy my time in this city. It could have been my lack of sleep from the night before, it could also have been with my issues/problems I had with reading the map of the city. No matter how many times I orientated myself on the map, I got lost every time. It was so frustrating and overrode my ability to enjoy the town. It was a bit like Seattle hopped up on steroids. We used their tram to get back to the city, and it only took cash (euros) and we only had pounds. It also wouldn’t take our cards, which wasn’t fun. I do know that most of the rest of the group had fun while in town shopping, so perhaps it was just me.

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