Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Emerald City Comic Con- only 3 days away!

This years Emerald City Comic Con is closing in fast! I'm just glad that I don't have to make my entire costume again this year. Last year I made my own warrior skirt and silk screened a Klingon face on the back of my shirt with the outline of their armor on the front. It wasn't horribly sewing crafty but keep in mind I also had to make my sisters too, which took quiet a bit of time. I managed to get everything completed the night before.

The shirts turned out okay, they looked great on my sister but if you're shirt stretches a bit when you wear it, I'd not suggest using fabric paint that cracks when pulled apart, like metallic gold. The skirt made it most of the day and is still lying like a corpse in my closet.

This year we are going as female versions of Han Solo from Star Wars. Hey! Its a comic convention, I can go as what ever I want! (PS- I'll also be wearing this at the Anime Convention the following weekend). Black skinny pants, yoga in my case and jeans in my sisters, with a red stripe down the sides and a pair of combat like boots complete the bottom half of this outfit. The top will consist of a white lace 1/2 sleeve shirt with a red coverup underneath and a black open back shirt that we will be cutting down the front to form the vest.

Just for fun I'll be making leather wrist cuffs with the rebel insignia branded into the tops. They'll be tied close with red ribbon. The hardest thing I have to do this time around is create the leg gun holster (if I wear a fake gun) and create the wrist cuffs. No sweat! Although I've never branded leather before, so that will be an interesting experience.

The Comic con is also holding  a speed dating event which is becoming all the rage at events like this, Sakura Con will also be holding one but I won't be attending that. My sister and her boyfriend decided to join me in attempting to get signed up for the Saturday speed date fest. As I've never done speed dating and its at a convention, it will be interesting to see how it turns out!

I can't wait. Wish me luck on my wrist bands!

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