Thursday, May 17, 2012

Book Review: Pray by Linda Howard

by: Linda Howard

This book was an awesome installment to Linda Howard's novels. It was an intense ride, full of murder, mayhem and love.

The story is about Angie Powell, a blunt and honest trailblazer, who has made her home and runs her business in Montana. Except business hasn't been going well for her. In fact its very life is being drained away by rival businessman Dare Callahan.

After having served in the military, Dare has settled down in Montana and currently life and business is good. There's only one problem, he wants Angie and she'll have nothing to do with him.

When Angie takes her last clients of the year out on a hunt, things take a turn for the worst and her very life is put in danger. Fortunately Dare is camping near by and comes to the rescue. Their lives take an turn when they are forced together in a fight for survival.

Wow, this book was awesome. The rough, no holes bared, Dare was a joy to read and get to understand. He's attitude was perfectly paired with the sarcastic whit of Angie, whose survival instincts in intense situations saved her life on numerous occasions.

Their relationship was worst at best before they get shoved together and the tension soars whenever they interact.

What was great about this novel:
The storyline was smooth and the transitions between scenes and timelines understandable and didn't detract from the story
The character depth and flaws were believable
The 'base' steps were covered before the couple reached their first sex scene
Both main characters had strong personalities buy did not over power each other

What I didn't like about this novel:
The bear in this novel had it's own internal thoughts and at times it detracted from the storyline, although I do understand why this point of view needed to be added.
The bear seemed like more of a villain in this story then the human villain trying to kill her
Dare is phsyically scared from his time in service and although she touches on it, I wish she had brought these scars a bit more to the readers attention instead of sprinking them in throughout the story

I give Prey by Linda Howard a 5 out of 5 in storyline/romance and a 4 out of 5 for bedroom steaminess.

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