Sunday, March 11, 2012

Book Review- Oracle's Moon

Oracle's Moon
by Thea Harrison

This story wraps around two main characters, Grace Andrea, who became the Oracle after the recent death of her sister, and Khalil, Demonkind and Djinn Prince of House Marid. Grace, who bites back her own sense of honor in order to accept help with the children her sister left behind and Khalil, a Djinn who finds something that has been missing in Grace's family ever since his daughter was captured and tortured, constantly fight each other, first out of irritation, than over the attraction with each other.

As they struggle to find some type of working relationship together, Grace and her children are exposed to threat after threat as those who seek to manipulate the Oracle draw near and Khalil is drawn even more to Grace, who makes him feel emotions he never felt before.

This was a wonderful forth installment of The Elder Race Series.  I couldn't put it down. The antagonistic relationship between Grace and Khalil was fantastic! They were constantly bating each other and annoying the heck out of everyone. Khalil was a world wind of energy and force as he constantly worked to cope with his new feelings and Grace, with her busted up knee, keen attention to the children she inherited and dealing with the Oracle's power, was an enigma to Khalil as she treated him not with the respect he was used to, but with a complete disregard to his honor or his status.

I give this novel a 5 out of 5 for romance/storyline and a 5 out of 5 for bedroom steaminess.

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