Thursday, May 13, 2010

Wildlife and Spicy Extra Bacon Stuffed Mushrooms

So I had my first excursion into wildlife photography and it went something like this...

Me: Oh look, two ducks. How cute. I think I'll stop and take some pictures.

Ducks: What is she.... I don't think I want to stay around for this (they get up and look at me while taking wild glances towards the water).

Me: Oh, wait. Don't move. Just let me get the window down. Where is that stupid camera.

Ducks: No I defiantly don't like this. (they slowly head towards the pond).

Me: Ah ha! Now where did those ducks go. No, stop moving. Come back. Gosh darn-it!

By now the ducks had made a break for the water and where halfway across the pond. I could really feel the love from those two evil creatures. I've seen some swans around as well, but I'm not quiet brave enough to go towards those large crazy things.

So in place of wild animal pictures, I give you my cat, Mischa.

For some reason she was extremely easy to take a photo of. Usually she's hiding under the bed or runs away when I head towards her.

I've played it safe the last couple of days in the kitchen. One day I made pork chops and ended up drying the heck out of those. It was like eating leather. And last night I made tacos. Even managed not to burn the meat. They turned out great. We ended up trying the refried beans with jalapeños in them and it was delicious! But not as good as the stuffed mushrooms I made the other day.

Recipe for the Spicy Extra Bacon Stuffed Mushrooms pictured above:

1 lb mushrooms
1 small or 1/2 large onion chopped or diced
1 tablespoon jalapeño juice
3 to 4 sliced of jalapeño, diced (I used the jarred stuff)
4 to 5 pieces of chopped or diced bacon
3 ounces of softened cream cheese
1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon to taste (optional)
1/2 cup of water
Oven: 325 degrees F

Wash and de-stem the mushrooms. Place caps in a bowl off to the side. Chop up the stems. Be sure to cut off dead ends first. Place in bowl off to the side. Chop/dice onion (depending on preference for size) and combine with mushroom pieces. Dice jalapeño up and combine with mushroom onion pieces. Chop/Dice Bacon.

Heat pan to med heat and add bacon (it’s important to note that the type of bacon you buy will severely flavor your stuffed mushrooms. I used plain the first time and maple the second). Cook until almost crispy and remove from pan and place on a paper towel covered plate (Note: leave fat in pan). Dump mushroom/onion/jalapeño mixture into pan with bacon fat and cook until onions are see through/translucent. Remove pan from heat and spoon out vegetables matter onto a paper towel cover plate. Let cool.

In a medium sized bowl, add cream cheese, jalapeño juice and cooled bacon and vegetables. Mix well and salt to taste (I also think adding a hard cheese to the mix would be great ad\nd provide the extra salt required. Will have to try it next time).

Place mushroom tops top side down on a 9x13 pan (I needed two pans for mine). Carefully spoon cream cheese mixture into the open ends of the mushroom caps. Add a 1/2 of water to the pans and place in oven, uncovered. Cook for 25 minutes. Remove and enjoy!

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