Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Napkins, Emulsion Hatrid and Zanga

Wahoo! I got another wedding photography gig. I’m really excited. I have to say that I’ve been seriously slacking off on posting on Craigslist lately. Mostly because all the other photographers have photo-websites set up and I currently have none. Which I am working on BTW, just very very slowly.

It will be a small, 25 person wedding and there won’t be a rehearsal, which makes my job a little harder but I’m overjoyed nonetheless. It’s for my cousin and won’t happen for another 2 months, so I’ll have plenty of time to speak with them on what type of pictures they want and who they want in them.

Because I’m still in the planning phases of mine it will be interesting to see how a small wedding of 25 people actually goes. That’s not to say that I’ve particularly been to any big weddings. The largest one I’ve been to was probably 50.

I chickened out on talking about costs. Gosh, I can be such a wimp at times. I’m hoping that he'll made a suggestion in his email where he sent me all the info. I’ll probably end up doing it for about the same as the last one I did, depending on what they want me to do and for how long.

On the napkin side of things, I’ve been fighting with my stupid screen for the last couple of days trying to get the emulsion off of it. I even went and got the emulsion remover spray bottle formula and the stupid stuff still sticks. Then to top it off, when I was cleaning the darn thing I punched a hole through it!! It was like a hot knife through butter. One minute I washing and the next, I’ve cut a three inch jagged line through the center of my screen. I don’t have time to be dealing with this.

It also seems that the world is out to get me, fore whenever I actually need a screen no one seems to be caring them. I’m slowly running out of time and I need to get this project going. I probably have a week before they all need to be shipped and sent out. (OMG!!! Just realized that) Deep breaths, deep breaths. If I wasn’t pissed off before, I’m pretty close now.

Here’s the catch I’ve gotten so far off of forums. In most cases you can’t get the old emulsion off without a power washer. Emulsion remover doesn’t always (usually) work because the emulsion can fuse the strands together and form a single bond which makes if virtually impossible to get out of the mesh. This is the stage I’m at right now. Nothing works. A power washer was the final suggestion and unfortunately I don’t think that that will work in this case. The screen is so flimsy I’d probably punch the material straight off.

I really need a 220 mesh screen as the 110 won’t have the detail that is required for the napkins. I’ll probably start losing my hair soon, either through stress or by pulling it out handful by handful.

To end the blog post on a positive note, here is a game I made up to help my mom pass the time. I hope you enjoy it:

Is the button pushing becoming too much? Are the plants screaming at you to water them? Is the rodent in the corner looking upset? Perhaps its time to sit down and play Zanga! What’s Zanga you ask? Well Zanga is the demented friend of Janga. Similar in playing style but instead of a tower of blocks you’re playing with nano sized little dots and instead of dismembering a wooden structure, your task is to ensure this magnetic little bunch of balls doesn’t stick together. But where’s the fun in that you ask? Well let me explain. Once those cute little black dots have been released from their individually packaged boxes (imagine the fun trying to find the minuscule release lever!) they love each other so much that they just want to hug and be near their friends. Why would you want to keep such a cuddly little bunch apart you ask? Here comes the fun part! Because once released from their tiny safe boxes, the longer those adorably little balls hug, the closer you come to a experiencing the greatest explosion of your life! That’s right kids, these cuddly little death bringers chemically react the longer they are together (and who said love wasn’t tangible?) and depending where you are, your inapt attempt at playing the game might bring down the whole building or heck, even the entire neighborhood. So remember kids, don’t forget to ask your parents permission to buy Zanga (tell them it’s a video game) and have fun playing with your friends. Please no returns or repeat purchases.

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