Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Wedding Binder of Death and a Book Review

Well I finally started my dreaded wedding binder of death. It’s black, undecorated and unassuming in its look. I think that I might put a skull on it. It’s all organized with little tabs, post-it notes and my soon to be misspelled scribbles. It’s only in a 1” binder, but for some reason I think that it might get bigger. For those of you interested I so far have sorted out my wedding as follows: Attire, Ceremony, Tables (including settings), All Flowers, Cake/Desserts, Guest Gifts, Other Wedding Ideas/Crafts, Invites/RSVP’s/Thank You’s. This is no way denotes the order of importance (just a bit) of items for the wedding.

I’ve also been working my invite/notification list and so far I have 59 people I’ll be sending information to. Doesn’t seem like a big number but then you count partners, kids and other random guests and I’m almost afraid of the amount of attending RSVP’s we’ll receive. The list is mostly my family, co-works and friends. I have a few of Mike’s family and friends down, but not all. Feeling a bit light headed about trying to meet the $5,000 budget with the amount of people who might come. I’ll just have to wait till I actually send out the invites before I start freaking out, which won’t be for another 6 to 8 months.

I read somewhere recently that they suggested waiting till the wedding was 4 weeks away for in state and 6 weeks away for out of staters before mailing the invites. Personally that’s a little to close to the wedding date for my comfort. I’ll probably be sending my invites 3 to 4 months out so they’ll have plenty of time to RSVP by when the catering company needs the information and so that the out of state attendees can hopefully get cheaper tickets because they’ll be purchasing them sooner or just have extended time to save up for them.

I've been thinking about adding a contdown to how many days I have left till the wedding, might be a bit daunting now as its over 365 days away and really might freak me out the close it gets, but in the end I think its a good thing. Now, I just need to count them out.

On a writing note, I keep forgetting to bring my memory stick to work, as I tend to do most of my writing during breaks in the work flow. Will hopefully remember tomorrow (I’m such a slacker).

Book Review: (my first!)

Rebels and Lovers by Linnea Sinclair,

When I picked up this book I was looking for sci fye romance space adventure packed with intrigue, excitement and deep emotional characters. I have to say Linnea Sinclair delivered! I was a bit confused in the beginning as I wasn’t quiet sure which book this one followed and for some strange reason I kept thinking Devin Guthrie was his brother Phillip, but after deciding they were two different people, I was able to just relax and enjoy the book and believe me when I say that the storyline just kept getting better.

Her realistic explanations of spaceships, the ports they doc in and the complex life aboard large space stations and small ships is one that never stops to boggle my mind. Her descriptions of space flight, space vehicles entering and leaving jump gates and planetary atmospheres makes me wonder if she’s ever taken fixed wing flying lessons, as some of those feelings you just don’t get flying on commercial airlines.

Due to the active, complex mind of the author who was once a news reporter and a private investigator, the plot is hardly predictable and always had me revising who I thought the villain might be. I would highly recommend reading any and all of her novels, they’re a joy and I can’t wait to see what she writes next!

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