Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wacky Wedding Ideas

I realized the other day when I was gleefully shopping away and not writing a blog post, that I really hadn’t explained any of my many themes for the wedding, and mind you this idea came around before the movie was released. I was driving home one day and I had the brilliant idea of having a wedding based off of the classic Alice’s Adventures in Wonderlands Madd Hatter tea party, based off the original book published in the late 1800 (which really isn't a lot to go on). So it’d be a Victorian era wedding party with dark plums, pinks, reds, silvers, blacks and many more colors (basically what ever I want).

The center pieces would be mismatched grouping of tea pots, cups, stacked cups, saucers and more. We’d have floating frames, hearts, mushrooms, keys, old door knobs with locks, curled twigs, clocks, rabbits, hearts, large cards, checkers and chess pieces/boards (basically try and make it an organized cluttered look). Note: If you’ve noticed, Mike and I have gotten away from the one event in the book and expanded it to both books, plus a bit of the movies.

I was planning on either buying flowers from the craft store and prearranging everything including the bouquets and boutonnieres or heading over to Pike Place Market and picking up flowers that morning just for the center pieces, which admittedly might be a bit much for that day. I still want to have the wedding around 1:30 and Mike would like a evening wedding.

Mike would wear a dark plum over coat (with tales), a vest, cufflinks, suit pants and maybe a hat (his request). I really don’t have any idea about my dress except lately I’ve been crazy drawn to lace. Mike has made the request for a short dress. Basically I plan to hit the dress stores up and tell them what I don’t like (I’m really not partial to halters tops or thick straps) and see what they come up with.

I hadn’t gotten too far into trying to figure out what the groomsmen or bridesmaids would like, but I’ve been given several ideas for what they could be. Best man- March Hair, two groomsmen- Tweetle Dee and Tweetle Dum. Still drawing blanks for maid of honor and bridesmaids, although the red queen and/or queen of hearts was thrown out as ideas. I’m mostly planning on trying to find/design an outfit, really a one time use thing, that is based off of those characters, but won’t look horribly out of place during the ceremony and consequent reception.

I’m thinking that I might find a color scheme that’s similar to Tweetle Dee and Tweetle Dum and screen print some designs on them to add texture, I really want half front jackets with long tails in the back for them, but that might look a little weird (as if the rest of the ceremony won’t, Ha!). I feel a bit like the designs in my head are leaning more towards steam punk then anything else, the only interesting parts is this is the era that its meant to originate from, so I think I’m safe.

I’ve already got my design down for the wedding invitations, a Madd Hatter hat with a picture of Mike and I on the cover where the 10/6’s price tag traditionally is (or maybe not, depends on what it looks like), and embossed lettering inside with some classic Alice art which may or may not be embossed. The original assembly with the only type of felted paper I could find helped me really cement what I wanted to do, at least for the outside of the invitations. I was afraid that the paper would be to thin for shipping and not fill out the envelope (size A6 or A4) enough so I was planning on placing post cards in there for RSVP’s and to ensure the invites where easier to mail/handle. The silver invite material I found ended up being a nice thick almost card stock material so the post cards aren’t a necessity but will be kept because they are cheaper to mail and easier to print (priced 200 post cards, sheets of 4 for $24).

Now the debate, to send announcements or not to send announcements, that is the question.

PS- Seriously slacking on any type of writing. Really need to work on that.

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