Monday, March 29, 2010

Pike Place Market, Dragons and Tea Cups

Well this weekend was packed full of many fun activities. Saturday, after an unsuccessful look at apartments, my fiancé and I headed up to Seattle, but not before hitting up a yard sale in which I picked up my first tea set for the wedding. It's a plain white set and came with a tea pot and a milk pourer. After several attempts we finally managed to get it bagged and in the car.

Saturday was an unusual day, mostly because it was sunny and partially warm. We parked near the waterfront and meandered down the road, only really making a stop at the Old Curiosity Shop. The mermaid wasn’t hanging from the ceiling, but they still had the mummies, shrunken heads and other weird objects/animals in the back of the room.

Once reaching the end of the storefront portion of the Seattle waterfront, we made our way up a bunch of stairs (reminder: probably need to work out more) and ended up cruising through a portion of Pike Place Market. I had to take this picture, but it should be noted that I was almost left as the rest of the group made their way towards Pike Place Pub and Brewery. Lesson learned: don’t get in the way of people and their beer.

After having a couple of beers, well them not me, we headed towards Capitol Hill and my first experience with a place called Unicorn and the fried Twinkies they sell there. I’ve never had a fried Twinkie before and I think next time I go, I’ll have to tried their fried Snickers. It tasted a bit like a donut and the cream filling inside and melted into a delicious ooze. With the whip cream on the top, it only completed the complex and tasty features of the dessert. If you ever get the chance, I would recommend trying a fried Twinkie.

Sunday was filled with shopping, mostly not for me, and a tarnished serving platter and a painted rabbit for the wedding. We tried apartment shopping again, but most of the locations weren’t open on Sundays.

Mike and I went and saw Dreamworks 'How to Train My Dragon' in 3D. It was an excellent movie. The graphics where amazing, one of the dragons acted surprisingly similar to one of my cats and the story line was enjoyable, heartwarming and at times a bit emotional. Mike new the exact moment I’d start crying, even reaching up and feeling my face to check, jerk. But I got him back, well I guess it would be the other way around. I ate almost all the chocolate I bought except for one piece about a third of the way through the movie. When he declined the second piece I offered him, I finished the bar off and as I placed the last chocolaty morsel in my mouth, he asked for another. Ha ha, too late.

Price to tea set consisting of 4 cups, tea pot, suger canister, and milk server, $5
Price of bunny and tarnished serving platter, $3.26

Wedding total so far: $8.26

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