Friday, May 15, 2015

Holy Crapoly!


Has it really been since 2012 that I posted a blog about anything? I guess that would be right around the time I started college again, and went full throttle with it too. Well, going on 3 1/2 years of school later, with only one summer off (with a full time job), I can say that I am half way there (please oh please let me be closer!) since I'm hoping to get into a Masters Prosthetic and Orthodics program.

A lot has happened since 2012. For one, I've read so many books that attempting to review them all would never happen. So I'll just start afresh from what I'm reading now. I am still writing, but hoping to up my actual writing and revising (dear god the amount of revising that needs to get done!), but on the plus side of things, I did have 2 agents interested in the sci fye novel I've written (yeay!), now I just need to get it ready.

Way more has obviously occurred, and will probably get into that in later on.

I've made a lot of author friends, so you'll probably see more information regarding their books on here (not a lot, only like 6 authors), just as a friendly author to author shout out.

I will be going on a 11 week trip to Europe for a study abroad course offered through my university, so it won't all be fun and games (but there will be some fun and games).

Keeping this short, but keep a look out for my blog posts (with a shout out to my 1 follower!)

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