Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Cover Reveal for Awesome Author AR DeClerck

Amy-Riddle-DeClerck is an awesome writer of several genres and will soon be adding a new genre to her repertoire. She has a contemporary geek chic romance, Love in the Time of Coffee, releasing May 22nd! The wonderful cover is below followed by a book blurb, credit for the fantastic cover goes to Rachel Olson at No Sweat Graphics. Keep an eye out for this wonderful novel!

Life as a geeky math chick with little patience and time for men is never easy. When a handsome stranger spills a caramel macchiato all over her term paper Irissa Daniels thinks her luck just might be a 'changin. Mac McCleary is tough, smart and sexy and he treats Irissa like the only woman in the world. Things are going great, but life seems to get in the way. Mac's dad is sick, his business is in trouble and his only hope to keep it going is to get involved with a very shady character. Soon Irissa begins to wonder if she and Mac will make it to happily- ever-after after all. 
Love in the Time of Coffee is very complicated indeed.

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