Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Book Review- Dead Girls are Easy

Dead Girls are Easy
By Terri Garey

Nicki Styx is a vintage store co-owner who has a near death experience that enables her to see dead people, and not every ghost is nice. Upon waking she finds herself inexplicably drawn to her handsome doctor, Joe Bascombe, who was the attending physician during attempted resuscitation. While struggling to overcome the fact that she can see dead people, Nicki is also attempting to workout her budding romance with the doctor. When she finds out her friend has been murdered, things head south as Nicki discovers that her deceased friend had sold her soul to the devil and the devil wants its due.

This book was an interesting read as I haven’t read a lot into voodoo. I was unsure how accurate her descriptions where in regards to the voodoo aspect, as a food reference earlier in the book was not correct and leads me to believe that although she might have researched her work, perhaps the material she used was not correct. Terri provides interesting secondary characters, which at times almost seem to overpower the main character. The romance storyline in this book was unusual in the fact that the male interest, Joe, character doesn’t really evolve or change in any way. He doesn’t have any real problems to overcome in order to grow as a character in this story which, to me, puts him in a secondary character place. He is also frequently overshadowed by Nicki’s friend, the storyline and her dead friend’s parent/grandma.

The main character also doesn’t really seem to emotionally evolve nor does it seem in the end that she’s really gotten over or accepted her current ‘I can see dead people’ issues. There are some evolving points thrown in the way, like a cheating ex that ruined her for love and commitment issues, but the characters displayed emotional involvement in those issues is negligent and doesn’t provide a strong feeling of ‘these are serious issues’ to the reader. This negates the hurtle of getting over an emotional problem if the character doesn’t really feel like it’s too big of a difficulty to begin with.

This book was interesting to read and the story flowed nicely from one scene to the next. I’d recommend this book for some light reading. I give this book a 3 out of 5 for storyline and a 1 out of 5 for bedroom steaminess as everything was behind closed doors, except for a few kisses.

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