Thursday, December 16, 2010

Book Review- Redeeming the Lost

Redeeming the Lost
Book 3 of 'The Song in the Silence'
By Elizabeth Kerner

In this book you start off exactly where you left in Book 2, Lanen is held captive by the Evil Brays and the true dragons have just landed after flying from their destroyed home island. This fast paced book leads you though the captivity of Lanen, the awaking of the Dark Dragon and the final battle between the demon that killed so many of the Dragons centuries ago.

Lanen finally meets the mother she had been yearning for while the father she wished she had never met, tries to return her to the evil mage intent on stealing her soul. Lanen's and Akor/Varien's relationship is put to the test during the final battle and in the resulting chaos afterwards.

Overall this book was a joy to read although it did stall a bit in the first couple of chapters, but one you get past them the story speeds up and continues in a fast action packed pace. I love her depiction of dragons and how they dance in the sky. Her explanation of postures help the reader understand how the dragon is looking but in a way where the reader understands exactly how their feeling.

Over all I would give this book a 4 out of 5 storyline/romance. Although there is very little romance in this book their is are affirmations of relationships that the storyline brushes upon.

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